Heidi from HKelly designs pictured with her Hot Pink Gemma Clutch.

People to Know

HKelly Designs Wristlets to Fall For.

Today is the first ever, ‘People to Know’ post I will be bringing you.  I am so excited about this because I have a ton of wonderful people in my life that I think you should know about!

Our first person to know is Heidi from HKelly designs.  She is a huge inspiration to me on so many levels.  I am in love with her work, especially her wristlets!  How perfect would that be for a mom or going to a concert? It’s hands free!!


Tell us a little about you and your business.

HKelly designs is a fun and funky handbag company. We love color and mixing and matching patterns. If you are tired of the same old handbags be sure to check out our line of bags, you won’t be disappointed. They are also made in the USA!

How did you get involved/ you start your business?

I started my business after I had started making bags for myself. I first made some bags from other people’s patterns. Once I understood the basics I started making my own patterns. I had been going through a hard time, having been diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through a bunch of surgeries and when I could I sewed and created my handbags. People on the streets started complimenting me so my husband and I decided to go for it! In September of 2014 we launched our first line of manufactured handbags.

What is your favorite part?

My favorite part is the designing and the sample making. Seeing something I dreamed in my head actually come to life!

What background do you have in this field? Education?

handbag and wristlet

Wristlet by HKelly designs. Love this bird print!

I don’t have much background in design, in fact I went to school for fashion merchandising. I never could draw so I thought I could not be a designer. Basically, I learned from books and websites!

What is your inspiration?

My inspirations are many. I could be inspired by a color, a fabric or even just something I see in a magazine.

What are your hopes for your business.

I hope my brand will eventually turn into a lifestyle brand where we will also be designing shoes, accessories and even clothing.

If you could do anything or go anywhere what where would it be?

I would go back to Paris. I went a few years ago during Paris Haute Couture Fashion week and watched people go into the shows, in particular Chanel! Of course, I want to go back and actually be going inside the shows!

Any words of wisdom.

Go for it! Grab your dream and go for it!


Learn more about HKelly designs and buy one of her bags at http://hkellydesigns.com

The Raccoon Diamond Handbag and matching Cosmetic Bag

The Raccoon Diamond Handbag and matching Cosmetic Bag