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The PantryShip is HERE!PantyShip Boat

This is what your birthday suit has been waiting for! A little slice of heaven shipped right to your door!

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The Verdict!

High quality, nicely designed, soft for the butt cheeks. I am usually a size S but ordered XS. It fits perfectly! Rebecca is awesome!
Comfy organic undies that feel like angels are gently cupping your butt cheeks…they don’t ride up and the elastic is just right. I love them!

About Piper Marie

Piper Marie products are hand-made from pattern to finished product in Lombard, IL. We construct our apparel by hand for a truly luxurious and couture product. We use the highest quality fabric to ensure the ultimate in comfort and durability. Along with our organics we also work with vintage fabrics. We offer the perfect fit in all sizes. Learn More